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Coppola's Rustic Francis' Favorites: Interior and Menu

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[Photo: Chad Keig for Francis Ford Coppola Presents]
We warned you this was coming. And now, after four years of costly and laborious reconstruction on the Chateau Souverain Winery property he purchased in 2006, Francis Ford Coppola's Geyserville winery project will exhibit its first sign of completion next week with the opening of its full-service restaurant Rustic Francis' Favorites. Featuring meat cooked on an Argentine-style parilla and a Brazilian-style Tomasi rotisserie, the menu will obviously include Coppola's favorite family recipes and Neapolitan style pizzas as well. According to the Press Dem, Chef de cuisine Nick Petrilli, who has worked at Bottega and Tra Vigne, will dutifully execute Coppola's vision with seasonal produce sourced from the on-site vegetable and herb garden. Do take a look at the gallery here for a preview of what's in store.

Although the interior facility, complete with two tasting rooms, cocktail bar, retail area and movie memorabilia such as Don Corleone's desk from The Godfather (1972) will be open to the public as of Tuesday; intensive work on the grounds will continue until the expected opening over Labor Day weekend. If all goes as planned, visitors will avail themselves of two swimming pools, an al fresco cocktail bar, bocce court, entertainment pavillion and strolls on the "pleasure grounds" this fall. A "Neighbors Market" and family -style meals will also be available on Sunday nights. And until then, private grounds previews will be offered to select visitors from the cities where Broadway shows premiere. Residents of Boston, New Haven, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and, of course, San Francisco we be asked for proper identification before they are granted access to these exclusive tours. Don't ask.

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Rustic Francis' Favorites at Francis Ford Coppola Winery

300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville, CA

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