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Bon Appetit’s Barbara Fairchild On Looking Like a Lush

And now we bring you the latest edition of The Swill, wherein certified sommelier and Hip Tastes book and blog author, Courtney Cochran, brings you gossip and findings from the wide world of booze.

[Photo: Ashley Teplin]

Barbara Fairchild has been the editor of Bon Appetit magazine for ages. She also palled around with people like James Beard, M.F.K. Fisher and Julia Child in her 20's. So of course we wanted to catch up with her when she breezed through town to co-host a dinner with Fleur de Lys’ chef owner Hubert Keller called “Curators of Taste:" part of a three-city culinary tour sponsored by Belvedere Vodka. Here Fairchild dishes on how to not look like a lush, her new favorite San Francisco restaurant, Bon Appetit's tech future and so much more.

On drinking at home: “I make martinis three times a week at home; I always shake 50 times.”

On leaving a little behind in the shaker:“Don’t pour the whole thing or you look like a lush.”

On esoteric booze: Triple sec is so 2009. Fairchild mentioned Citronage, which we drank with Belvedere Pink Grapefruit vodka, could be the next big orange liquor.

On her early drinking memories: Fairchild fondly remembers her dad’s style of martinis: on the dry side with olives, very little Vermouth and Beefeater gin; though now, she’s quick to point out, she’s switched to Belvedere martinis at home. I’m sure event sponsor Belvedere is relieved to hear this.

On SF restos: She’s hot on Prospect and dropped by while in town.

On social media: “Food and booze make the perfect fodder for Tweets.”

On technology: Bon Appétit will go über-digital with iPad integration by Q1 2011.

On food trends: Fairchild declares garbanzo beans the legume of the moment. She's seen them on three separate menus in the space of three weeks. Lordy!

On everyone becoming a food expert: “I don’t have a problem with that.”

Concluded the food and booze savant: “I feel like I’m in the middle [of food and wine journalism] now. I remember where we’ve been, and I’m excited about the future.”

- Courtney Cochran

Fleur De Lys

777 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA