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Bar Agricole: Farm-Fresh Cocktails, Food and a Forager

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When Erik Adkins, long-time bar manager at the Slanted Door, was recently asked where he likes to drink in San Francisco, he made the most fuss about an unopened bar: "I’m looking forward to Bar Agricole. That’s probably going to be the best bar that the city’s ever seen...They’re just obsessed. The energy that’s going into that place, and the level of commitment from the guys involved surpasses anything that’s been done." Understandable hype considering the obsessive Bar Agricole team will create customized spirits with local distillers -- like a farmhouse Curaçao and several biodynamic brandies -- the bar's atmosphere will center on a 500-square-foot biodynamic garden, which Liquor reports will be full of citrus trees and herbs for use in the cocktails, and they've arranged a sort of large-scale CSA with two biodynamic farms in Ukiah and Fresno to support the food and beverage programs. So they can raise and source all their own chickens, eggs, lamb and even some spirits. Oh and it might be the only bar we've ever known to have its own personal forager on call.

We're not done: Bar Agricole is housed in a LEED-certified historic former warehouse for the Jackson Brewery (c. 1900); a flowing fountain and cedar patio walls will create an urban zen zone, segregated from the city noise; and when it opens on August 16th, you'll see almost everything inside the joint was custom-made: from the red-wine soaked tables and chairs to the light fixtures and staff uniforms made from recycled cotton. Now most industry folk have been getting restless waiting for these much-talked-about, artisanal farm-fresh cocktails, but Brandon Jew, who last cooked at Magnolia Pub, has put a lot of thought into the food. Do take a moment to give it a look:

Squash fritters 6
Piccalilli 5
Chopped liver on toast 12
Olives & herbs 5

Leafy salad 13
Tomatoes with bottarga 16
Bigoli with pesto 14
Green beans with mustardy potatoes 12
Rolled chicken and an egg 16
Grilled sardines & avocado 14
Corn pudding with ham 15

Fish soup with aïoli 16
Roasted peppers with shelling beans 17
Stuffed quail 19
Roasted leg of lamb 18

Cheese plate 15
Berries with custard 8
A dozen almond Madeleines 6
Rum raisin ice cream 6

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Bar Agricole

1540 Mission Street, , CA 94103 (415) 341-0101 Visit Website

Bar Agricole

355 11th Street, San Francisco, CA

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