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Stow Lake Boat House Remodel...With Swan Boats

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Rumors are already swirling around one of Frank Klein's future projects. And now comes news that the restaurant consultant and self-proclaimed "helper of dreams" is intertwined with another impending rebirth. This time it's the Stow Lake Boat House, which hasn't really changed since it was erected in 1946. SF Citizen has all the details and renderings, but keep in mind this needs to be approved by the entire Rec and Park board at an upcoming Aug. 19th meeting before the dream weaving can begin.

If things go smoothly, expect the reborn boathouse to include a cafe with organic food, heated indoor area, coffee house and even WiFi -- all made possible with a mere $233,000 investment from new tenant, Ortega Family Enterprises. And get this! "A new fleet of 50 boats that will include swan-themed pedal and rowboats" is part of the plan. We're guessing that wasn't Frank's idea.

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Stow Lake Boat House

Stow Lake Drive and Martin Luther King Jr Drive, San Francisco, CA

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