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Magnolia/Alembic Owner Looks to Expand

DaveMcLeanMagnolia.jpgMagnolia Pub and Alembic owner Dave McLean has more demand for his craft-brewed beers than he can handle; so we were pleased to learn from Lady T-Hop yesterday that he has plans for a new small-scale brewery/pub/restaurant in the Dogpatch's American Industrial Center (AIC) called Magnolia Brewery. According to AIC reps, the zoning qualifications should be OK for this kind of use (beer brewing), but the project still needs to be approved by the Planning Department. If all goes smoothly, look out for Magnolia 2.0 in Spring of 2011. [Tablehopper]

The Alembic

1725 Haight Street, , CA 94117 (415) 666-0822 Visit Website

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