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Hog Heaven; Julia Roberts at French Laundry; Waffles; MORE

BERKELEY - Tomorrow The Pasta Shop is devoting an entire afternoon to all things pig, including demos and discussions led by various pig aficionados and healthy amounts of pig available for sale and sampling. It's free, so why don't you go pig out? (Sorry about that.) [EBX]

JULIA ROBERTS WIRE - Ms. Unterman wasn't the only one eating peach cobbler last night. GrubStreet has the scoop on what Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem and over 20 other Eat. Pray. Love. crew members just ate at The French Laundry. [GrubStreet]

THE SHUTTER - Inside Scoop learns from Tasting Table today that Bistro Clovis, the traditional French bistro on Market Street, has closed. Sign of the times. [ISSF]

WAFFLEWIRE - Remember when we told you about Waffle Mania and its approved plan to fire up the irons in Golden Gate Park? Well they are officially operational now according to San Francisco Citizen, so you can get involved if you like this sort of snack. [San Francisco Citizen]

MISSION - Putting the pieces together on Grub, Uptown Almanac gets up close and personal with the arty tables revealed inside. Opening's still not happening for another month. [Uptown Almanac]

[Photo: BunRab]

The Pasta Shop

1786 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA