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Hapa Ramen Back to Coffee Bar; Baker and Banker Bakery; Suds & Sweets

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POTRERO - Unafraid by its first storied appearance there, Hapa Ramen will return to Coffee Bar every Saturday night, starting at 6 p.m. on July 10. This time, they'll be bringing their own burners. Proprietor Richie Nakano promises the full market menu served at Ferry Plaza on Thursdays, plus assorted weird specials.[EaterWire]

PAC HEIGHTS - On Inside Scoop, Pao-Wow reports on the new bakery space for Baker and Banker. But it's really just a tease, for it looks like we will have to wait until at least August 1 for snickerdoodle cakes and doughnut muffins. [ISSF]

CIVIC CENTER - 20 Bay Area-based Peruvian restaurants and caterers, including SF's Fresca and El Perol, will serve traditional food at the second annual Festival de Comida Peruana on July 18. Please do remember that pisco packs a punch. [SFoodie]

CASTRO - Certified Sommelier Raj Dev will host the second Suds & Sweets beer and pastry pairing at Thorough Bread on July 24. Tickets are $35, with an event capacity of 30 people. While the specifics of the six pastries remain under wraps, we've been informed that the six beers will range from a light Belgian witbier (3.5% alcohol) to a strong doppelbock (14%). [EaterWire]

[Hapa Ramen Photo: Tamara Palmer]

Baker & Banker

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