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Morimoto, Oh So Close In Napa and MORE!!

NAPA - There's been a good deal of drama leading up to Morimoto's first restaurant opening on the West Coast. And now, Signore Lucchesi steps forth with news that the lovably idiosyncratic Iron Chef may be opening Morimoto Napa as early as next week. So it's officially safe to think about the projected foot-long swath-of-bone marrow appetizer and Japan-imported sushi in Wine Country as imminent reality, although that on-site beer brewery we mentioned is still waiting for a permit. [ISSF]

MISSION - According to his blog, Desi Danganan's The Summit is about a month out; but there's the usual caveat: "...alot can still go wrong–like more construction going over budget, furniture not arriving on time, or worse inspectors being dicks." [The Summit]

NORTH BEACH - GrubStreet has this joyous announcement that the vacant DragonBar space will be taken over by a club called Monroe. It's owned by partners Matt Arvin and Nader; but who's to say if the Green Party is really coming to clubland? [GrubStreet]

MARIN - According to Lady T-Hop, Dominic Phillips, the event planner whose name you may recognize due to his connection with SF Chefs and San Francisco magazine's Best of the Bay parties, is opening an "artisan wine, beer and food" business in the town of Fairfax. Phillips originally planned to open last week, but appears to have encountered the usual SNAFUs. [Tablehopper]

Morimoto Napa

1001 2nd Street, Napa, CA

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