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SF Loses The Washbag And Its Founder Today; MORE

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THE SHUTTER - Hot on the heels of the grim reaper today was Signore Lucchesi over at the Chron, who reported that the storied Washington Square Bar & Grill, which went through a bit of a Renaissance last year, has closed once and for all in North Beach. Additionally, he passes on Leah Garchick's news that San Francisco restaurateur Ed Moose died early this morning. Moose was the former owner of Washington Square Bar & Grill and Moose's. How fitting and mysterious that word of the closure and his passing should come on the same day. [ISSF]

FILLMORE - Eat. Pray. Love. comes out tomorrow and the Sundance Kabuki Theater's Sundance Kitchen has added menu items themed to match the three locales where the film takes place. Options include papadams with chutney and Tanqueray Rangpur cocktails (India), chicken satay with gimlets (Bali) and if you order a bottle of wine with one of the new customized pizzas (Italy), you'll receive 25% off the bottle price. [EaterWire]

MISSION - As per GrubStreet, those jonesing for a Neyah White cocktail since his unceremonious departure from Nopa, can sample one at Local: Mission Eatery during this weekend's brunch service. Granted, the drinks will only be made with wines and bubbly, but it's better than nothing. [GrubStreet]

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Washington Square Bar & Grill

1707 Powell St., San Francisco, CA

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