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At The French Laundry, Japanese Bluefin Is A Goner

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Last week's epic debate on bluefin tuna at The French Laundry was hotter than the ma po tofu at Mission Chinese Food. And just when the last particle of dust settled on Monday, the staunch bluefin defender and loyal Eater reader who originally alerted us to the presence of bluefin in T-Kell's arsenal noted: "[The 8/8/10 menu] says Japanese Tuna (sans Bluefin) [sic]. I called and no one could answer my question: 'is this Blufin tuna.' [sic] I'm assuming they are still serving Bluefin and am going to cancel my reservation." On a subsequent call, the PR person at French Laundry "...would not confirm that they are in fact serving Kindai." Then finally, after multiple attempts to reach T-Kell's people here at Eater HQ, this note arrived in our inbox from the VP of PR for The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.

"Farm raised Bluefin was occasionally featured at The French Laundry as part of our changing daily menu. The fish is no longer being used at our restaurants." That's right kids, in a matter of days, the lab-hatched wonder has been scrubbed from The French Laundry menu for good. [Sidenote: Still no confirmation as to whether or not Keller used Kindai.] Bluefin faithfuls fear not! You may still find your beloved university spawn at Sebo, Manresa and The Ritz; but it's probably best to double-check before impending visits, because see, these menus, they change. Now while we're at it, if you know of any other bluefin bearers in the neighborhood, do share with the class right here in the comments or send them straight to us. After all this, if T-Kell isn't serving it anymore; we'd like to know who is.

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