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Inside Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza Golden Ticket Preview; MORE

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[Photo: Valerie L. Caveney]
NORTH BEACH - An Eater loyal won one of the golden tickets under a pizza at Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach; so she wrote into us with all sorts of gory details about what transpired at the Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House preview party for ticket winners on Saturday night. Well, it wasn't that gory. Attendees were able to order anything from the new menu free-of-charge and while many were modest and only ordered a slice, our tipster party of two couldn't resist the call of an entire pie: the original tomato with cheese, sliced Italian meatballs and spinach and the Chicago Italian beef sandwich. Here's what our informer had to say about the pie: "If you like a charred burger, the soot that’s left on your fingertips after eating right from a coal grill, you will love coal-fired pizza. It’s not dripping in grease or melted cheese—everything is compact on a thin crust with a unique round shape." Other details gleaned from the pre-opening visit: Tony's new joint will serve corn-syrup-free "50's style" Coca Cola and his door sign was designed by Doug Hardy of Ed Hardy's Tattoo City.

THE MISSION - Inside Scoop reveals that the El Herradero sign that adorned the exterior of Commonwealth was just purchased by the folks at Tacolicious. Word on the street is it will be used somewhere in the design of the Marina taco hot spot's second location. [ISSF]

RACHEL RAY - In case you need help shopping, Ms. EVOO launched a new iPhone app today called "Tasty Bytes." [CBS 5]


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Tony's Coal-Fired Pizza & Slice House

1556 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA

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