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Outside Lands Food & Drink Recap: Band Favorites And More

The Outside Lands music festival took hold of Golden Gate Park over the weekend with more high caliber food and wine vendors than ever before. We're talking Rosamunde sausages, custom-crafted vino, bbqed oysters from Anchor & Hope and much, much more. For those of you who weren't able to partake, we've put together a gallery here, giving you a visual taste of what occurred on the food and wine front. Sources tell us Wine Lands, where 25 local wine vendors congregated, went through more wine in two days this year than in each of the three-day festivals in 2008 and 2009. Now here's a recap of what bands were seen eating what and a by-the-numbers breakdown of what was consumed.

Seen: Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket "tearing up" some Namu Korean tacos in Wine Lands with bandmates Bo Koster and Carl Broemel.

Seen: The Kings of Leon drinking wines by Sinskey, Ridge, Unti and Copain backstage.

60,000 Daily capacity

8,000 Oysters shucked at the Anchor and Hope booth

34 Total food stalls not including the on-site farmer's market

2500 Bowls Out the Door vermicelli noodles consumed

75 Projected percentage waste diversion

30 Magnums of Robert Sinskey's 2008 Abraxas wine drunk

2,000 Rough estimate of Mission Mini cupcakes sold per day

750 Pounds of pig used by Maverick for pulled pork

12 Number of bison in Golden Gate park

0 Number of buffalo chicken wings sold at Outside Lands

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