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Three Days At SF Chefs; Michael Bauer EXTRA

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Behold a special report from the Eater paparrazzi, who were on the front lines at the SF Chefs event in Union Square this past weekend, eating Chris Cosentino's hoof-and-head terrine, learning how to make martinis with Plymouth gin ambassador Simon Ford and snapping shots of Michael Bauer, like we do.

[Photo: Eater SF]

To BunRab's photo tour of Friday and Saturday night's offerings and stories from SFoodie and FoodGal on Friday night's festivites, we'll add the scenes above from the impromptu industry-only party that was thrown in the Union Square tasting tent on Sunday night and some highlights below from the past three days of gluttonous industry action:

· There was so much of energy in the room at the pig-themed Hog in the Fog event on Friday night, much of it coming from Joey Altman and his band jamming out on the main stage. We also saw hoards go back for thirds of chef Lizzie Binder's hot, pork-stuffed arancini at the Bar Bambino booth.

· Gavin Newsom wasn't at Friday's ribbon cutting like last year, but he did show up at the Saturday grand tasting tent in Union Square. He was seen shaking hands, taking pictures, but not kissing babies.

· Some incredibly inventive stuff came out at the Sugar Party on Saturday hosted by Eater. Luce chef Dominiqe Crenn's foie with "corn textures": corn sorbet, corn espuma, popcorn and white truffle powder was a standout.

· Hubert Keller was crushing it Ibiza-style at the SF Chefs afterparty on Sunday, though he and his wife were a little miffed at the outset because his DJ equipment had not been set up. Mistaking one Eater informer for an SF Chefs staff member, Hubert asked her to get him 2 CD players and a mixer!

· When Keller wasn't heating it up, KJ Glenny Kravitz was with a karaoke mic. Some CIA students hit the stage along with Smugglers Cove's Jackie Patterson and several others. Apparently local wine and spirits educator Rebecca Chapa can really sing as well.

· Michael Bauer was present for much of the event, including Sunday evening's last hurrah as you can see in the gallery above. He was even in the room when the subject of how important it still is for a restaurant to get the Bauer review came up at the Future of Food Media panel. Anyway you can feel free to add the image above to your scrapbook of other fun Bauer memories.

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