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Castro Restaurant Ban Lifted; Ray Of Hope For Ike

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Last Tuesday, the Planning Commission lifted the Castro-specific ban on restaurants entering non-restaurant spaces; so there's epicurean hope for the hood that's been dominated by things like Curry Boyzz, Orphan Andy's and The Sausage Factory for many years. "Specialty food establishments" may now enter the vacant sweet spot on 18th and Castro -- which formerly housed Ritz Camera and the Gay History Museum -- or any other non-restaurant space, for that matter. Steve Adams, president of the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro Association hopes the new legislation will help Ike's Place, which was recently evicted, relocate to a new location in the Castro. But it won't be easy. Food businesses angling to enter formerly non-resto spaces will have to obtain an ever-elusive conditional use permit, whilst conquering the wrath of the NIMBYs, and we know how that usually goes. [EaterWire]

EaterWire: Ike's Place Evicted After All [~ ESF ~]

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Ike's Place

3489 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 415 553 6888

Ike's Place

3506 16th Street, San Francisco, CA