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This is Not a Pop-Up: Dogfather "Salsicceria" is Now Taqueria

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Remember this cleverly named sausage joint that opened in North Beach a few months ago? Well now a bit of an awkward change is afoot with this sneaky transformation into a taqueria, proving all it takes is a simple flick of the wrist to completely change your restaurant concept. A clearly printed "Taqueria" sign has been added to the storefront, which should clear up any confusion; and all hot dogs and sausages have been scrubbed from the menu; but we're not sure this new Dogfather Taqueria moniker makes the most sense. Still this may be one of the more effortless transformation we've seen in quite some time; and the phone line over there has also evaporated into the ether. Naturally, we'd enjoy your reflections on the newest taqueria in town, right here in the tip jar.

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The Dogfather

532 Green Street, San Francisco, CA

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