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Rec & Parks In Favor Of "Trendy" Boathouse Cafe Remodel

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As reported by the Chron, the Recreation and Park Commission voted Thursday in favor of the Ortega Family Enterprises' proposed $233,000 worth of improvements for the Stow Lake Boathouse remodel; but it wasn't without a fight. The Ortega family will retain the nostalgic snack bar, vending pink popcorn, It's-It ice cream, hot dogs, etc.; but they're also bringing in Frank Klein of American Box and Fish & Farm who will help them expand the menu to include more healthy, sustainable options sourced from within 100 miles from places like Cowgirl Creamery, Heirloom Organics, Niman Ranch and the Straus Family Creamery . And Inside Scoop reports this will all be achieved under the guise of a Shake Shack-like menu.

Thursday's meeting was full of opponents to the new plan, who feared "San Francisco does not need another trendy café attraction." Others worried the boathouse would lose its charm and become over-crowded with tourists. Proponents of the new vendor included Carol LeValley, owner of Marin's organic Rustic Bakery, who does business with the Ortegas at the cafe they run in Muir Woods. She said the vendor "is extremely sensitive to the environment?does not compromise at all on the quality of food?and has always said that quality comes first." If the Ortega's plan receives final approval from the Board of Supervisors, they'll price options between $4.95 and $8.95, basing food service on the Muir Woods model, where 97% of their produce and 88% of their proteins are sourced from sustainable and organic sources. You can gain a more fleshed out idea of potential menu items over at Inside Scoop. But do keep in mind there are still at least three more hearings to go before this can move forward.

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Stow Lake Boathouse

Stow Lake Drive and Martin Luther King Jr Drive, San Francisco, CA

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