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Superior Court Hammers Final Nail Into Ike's Coffin

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The Bay Citizen is reporting that the last day of business at the Castro location of Ike's Place will be today. Meaning that when this post goes to print you'll have exactly 4.5 hours to grab a M.I.L.F or a Fat Bastard with mozzarella sticks or whichever Ike's concoction you may be addicted to. As can be gathered from the Web site, Ike has great plans for expansion outside SF proper to Burlingame, Santa Rosa and Stanford. And maybe, just maybe, it won't be so tough for him to find another place in the neighborhood either. [Update: As if this story couldn't get any weirder or drawn out, Vegansaurus! reports that Ike recently emerged from Ike's Place shouting, "We're not closing!" There was a technical slip up in court with the eviction notice. Ike was not available for comment when we called him and the Ike's Place phone line has been solid busy for the past half hour; so that's all for now, folks. Update Update: Ike tells us he's elated to stay open and now must wait to see if his landlord wishes to file another lawsuit or just give up. We'll be keeping you up on the latest.]

· Ike's Place Is Evicted; Closing Today [Bay Citizen]
· Castro Restaurant Ban Lifted; Ray Of Hope For Ike [~ ESF ~]

[Photo: Bay Citizen/Scott James]

3506 16th Street, San Francsico, CA

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