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SF Cocktail Week Nears; Osteria Coppa Opens; MORE

IN THE BOOZE - A few years ago Elixir's H. Joseph Ehrmann, Comstock Saloon's Jeff Hollinger and Cantina's Duggan McDonnell founded a non-profit dedicated to preserving cocktail heritage called The Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail (BCCAC). And they've just announced the org's 4th Annual San Francisco Cocktail Week to take place from Sept. 21-27. Festivities begin on Tuesday night with a dedication of the brand new and exciting Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts, a unique combo of community center, conference room, event space and "beverage lab" with a fully functional bar on Mission Street. Subsequent cocktail week festivities include a drink and appetizer tasting co-hosted by CUESA at the Ferry Building, a game night at The Burritt Room and an island excursion to the St. George Spirits Distillery in Alameda. Get the full low down on this here website. [EaterWire]

OPENING REPORT - Signore Lucchesi has reminded us that Osteria Coppa opens tonight in San Mateo. Remember this is the restaurant where an ex-Quince chef will be hand-making pizzas and pastas. Here's the website with menu. [ISSF]

SOUND BITES - This just in. Food blogger and book author The House of Pim sounds a bit ticked off about the current state of food media: "It seems almost impossible to say anything at all about food without a pang of regret, without apologizing for some sort of offense, real or imagined." Her solution: release your "inner foodie." Now doesn't that sound liberating? [EBX]

EGG-TASTROPHE - CNN's Sanjay Gupta gets Michael Pollan on the horn to speak about the recent salmonella outbreak and the whole $8 eggs are a bargain argument. In summary, Pollan: "We all like cheap food. But when we're spending billions to deal with a salmonella outbreak, it isn't really as cheap as it seems." [CNN via Grist]

CORN - On the other side of the Pollan coin, 7x7 has a list of fun ways to experience the pride and glory of America's industrialized agriculture as it reaches the end of peak season. Click through for corn butter, corn sorbet and --- mmmm -- corn dogs. [7x7]

BURGERWIRE - Scott Howard told SFoodie today that he's thinking about revving up the engine on a burger truck. He'd like to feature the patty he currently serves at Brick and Bottle, with pimento cheese, slaw, and peppers. It's currently the third most popular item on the menu. We think he should go for it. [SFoodie]

Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts

1161 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA