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Amnesia Facelift; Deep-Fried Day; Benefit Tonight at El Rio

THE MISSION - Thank you Mission Mission, this is what Amnesia now looks like outside. We didn't want you to miss it if you were looking. [Mission Mission]

TELEGRAPH HILL - Signore Lucchesi provides a few more nuggets on the Julius Castle piece. Apparently $4.5 million is the reduced price and the real estate agent says there are are several interested parties. [ISSF]

LIFE LINE - We have officially crowned today deep-fried day due to these deep-fried Cobb salads and frozen margaritas, this fried beer and these deep-fried Cheetos over at YumSugar. [EN, Bottoms Up, YumSugar]

FREEBIES - Tonight El Rio is throwing a benefit party for Produce to the People with free Maggie Mudd ice cream a silent auction and a raffle. SFoodie's got the nitty gritty. [SFoodie]


853 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

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