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Union Street NIMBYs Now Have More Opposition

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According to Phil Boissiere, co-creator of the brand new Union Street Enrichment Association (USEC), the Union Street NIMBYs are at it again, whipping out cameras and decibel meters to build a case against The Brick Yard Restaurant & Bar as it attempts to gain approval for its back patio with the SF Planning Department next month. The story isn't unfamiliar, as Boissiere tells us it's really only 3 to 5 people that keep filing noise complaints; but they held enough power to drive Giordano Bros. out of the neighborhood and the Mac store that ended up floating in calmer NIMBY waters on Chestnut Street.

USEC expects 200 friends, neighbors and Union Street business owners to show up for its inaugural battle cry at Brick Yard. Mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty will be there along with several City supervisor candidates from District 2 (the one that includes Cow Hollow); and the League of Women Voters will be in attendance. Tim Stannard of Bacchus Management and the newly opened Cafe Des Amis told us he'll show up to gauge the scene as well. Boissiere's goal for the night? "To get people out, excited and show them how to voice their support of new businesses. This isn't just about Brick Yard; we want to drum up support and inform the neighborhood about one of the major things that's been holding Union Street back for so long." It all goes down Monday night starting at 7 p.m. with the key players mingling about, then one pointed speech, then a party.

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Brick Yard Restaurant & Bar

1787 Union Street, San Francisco, CA

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