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Chairman Bao Chef Goes Out On His Own With Curbside

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Eddie Huang of New York's Baohaus pretty much lost it a few months ago when he found out corporate-backed mobile food truck, Chairman Bao, was using the name of his best-selling menu item. Now the tenacious bao vender appears to be on a smoother path, having dodged (at least for now) a throw-down with Mr. Huang and showing up at city-supported events like Off The Grid and this weekend's Eat Real Festival in Oakland. But today SFoodie reports another little bump in the road.

Eric Rud, the 34-year-old chef who moved here from Minneapolis to launch Chairman Bao has decided to move on, despite all the support corporate food truck backer Mobi Munch provided. After trying things out for three months, he'd rather work independently on some version of the Curbside food truck he started back in the Midwest; and you can get a first taste of his tuna tataki sliders on Chinese buns this Friday at Off the Grid. Look out for a permanent location coming soonish and serving an SF-ified version of this menu here. We're 100% sure none of these names will be on there.
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[Photo: Eat Curbside Web site]

Curbside @ Off the Grid

Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

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