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Michelin-Starred Chef (Possibly Joël) Into Dead PlumpJack Spot

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Quite interesting Robuchon%20PlumpJack.jpgaddendum in The Tablehopper's newsletter today: "a nationally recognized food star has been secretly planning a new spot that has managed to fly under the radar." Okaaaay. Madame Hopper casually points us to the General Announcement for the new California LLC : it's called Atelier 1 2 3 Restaurant, they're looking for a partner worth $875K, it's going into the old PlumpJack Cafe space at 3127 Fillmore Street and there's this (!): "The restaurant shall be operated by a nationally recognized Michelin Star chef."

Now what immediately comes to mind is that rumor from last year about Joël Robuchon possibly opening something in San Francisco, but it certainly wouldn't be The Mandarin Oriental going into this jewel box. Robuchon has six L'Atelier outposts in New York, Vegas, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Taipei, so L'Atelier San Francisco is looking like the likely candidate, judging from the LLC name and all. Still Michele Astorian of Atelier 1 2 3 tells us we'll have to wait for the official announcement to come out after Labor Day. Until then we can ponder what The Kauff just said about our current "boom", you know, people who have other restaurants, like Michael Mina and Bacchus Management are the ones opening in SF. So this would fit in nicely with that theory too.

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Atelier 1 2 3 Restaurant, LLC

3127 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA

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