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Bao Wants Hung Huynh and Baogette in Oakland Too

The lease has been signed; the deposit has been paid; and the ADD restaurateur who opened eight restaurants in Manhattan last year, Michael Bao Huynh, is now about five months out on his Oakland project. Huynh isn't messing around with some casual thing; he's going for a "nice" market-style seafood restaurant in a 6500-sq-ft space on the second floor of the Jack London Market project; and his plan is for Pichet Ong of NY's desert-centric P'Ong to be pastry chef. Now there's this interview today over at Eater National, wherein a few more details slip out.

"I recently asked Hung Huynh the Top Chef winner to open it up with me. Because you know, we want to team up sometime...He’s a good friend. It’s not a confirmed thing, but I can make it happen." And on top of this, he's eyeing Oakland for a future branch of Baogette, his Asian themed sandwich chain: "Everyone wants Baoguette, because our concept is easy, and they make good money." And who are we to argue with that. Stay tuned for the latest Huynh/Oakland revelations; and if you'd like a refresh on other recent JLS developments, might we point you in this direction.
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