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Zut! On Fourth Opens on Fourth!; Bikini-istas; MORE

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OPENING REPORT - You may be mildly surprised to know Zut! on Fourth officially revives the dead Eccolo space today. According to the press release, the space has been completely redone and the theme here is "regional Mediterranean," despite the French-sounding name. The menu has a lot of things that are common with higher profile openings in these parts: wood-burning oven, seasonal menu, local art and -- brace yourself -- pizza. We mentioned some of the nice places chef Jim Wimborough worked before; so naturally we're eagerly awaiting your first-hand accounts. [EaterWire]

BAHN MI WIRE - Mission Mission reports on the scavenger hunt they underwent to track down the new bahn mi at Thanh Tam II (577 Valencia Street). From the look of it, it's a poor man's version of what you'll find at Saigon Sandwich: similar bun, no pate, no daikon. You also run the risk of being sized up by the management and then up-charged like Mission Mission, but we'll give them the usual new sandwich grace period before dropping the sledge; give it a try; then send us feedback. [MM]

MISSION - There are a lot of components coming together at the Flour + Water team's Central Kitchen project, slated for a Spring 2011 opening. And now Scoop has this handy diagram of the courtyard, mezzanine, butchery and market, so you can see where everything goes. [ISSF]

BIKINI BARISTAS - And now a bit of news from Your Coffee Cups in Fremont; because this is a place where women in bikinis serve coffee at a drive-through. No joke. There's a 16-ounce "C-Cup" for $1.85. Phil Bronstein has this examination of the sexual politics behind it all. For what it's worth one of the bikini-istas earns twice what she did selling wood at a Lowe's. [BAL]

Zut! on Fourth

1820 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA