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Cafe Divis Coming to Divis...With Street Food

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The people from Panini and Pork Store Cafe moved into the old On the Corner "jazz cafe" space on Divisadero in May and now Haighteration is telling us they've decided to create something called Cafe Divis, serving Blue Bottle coffee by the end of this week, wine and beer as soon as their license is approved, and a scaled-up quick service food menu. Options will include street food favorites from the likes of El Porteño, paninis similar to what you'll find at sister stop, Panini in the Upper Haight; egg sandwiches and some easy breezy small plates by night. Sounds like they're sprucing up the interior over there as well. New signage and menu should be here in the next two weeks. Moot side note: we'd still like to know if anybody ever heard live jazz at On the Corner jazz cafe. Anybody?

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[Photo: Chron]

Pork Store Cafe

3122 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 415 626 5523 Visit Website

Cafe Divis

359 Divisadero Street