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Mua Silences Hip-Hop; Lamb Explodes in SF Again; MORE

OAKLAND - Apparently restaurant/bar Mua has quite the hip hop dance scene on the weekends. But as of now that's ending so the restaurant can focus more on being a restaurant and serving late-night diners. [EBX]

MEAT WIRE - The New York-born Lamb Takedown we told you about a month ago is making its debut in San Francisco this Sunday. Expect about 20 tastes of lamb dishes made by amateurs for a mere $15 at Thirsty Bear. [EaterWire]

CONDE NAST RESTAURANTS - In an effort to grow the brand and, you know, make some money, Condé Nast is opening restaurants based on their titles. They've already got three in Moscow: Vogue Cafe, GQ Bar and Tatler Club. None are currently planned for the US, but the publisher is looking to expand the concept to places like Hong Kong and Dubai. We'd like to see restaurants like Vanity Fair Fried Chicken and New Yorker Strip Steakhouse. [WSJ]

FREE FOOD - 7x7 alerted us to this fresh produce free-for-all that Hayes Valley Farm will be pulling off this Sunday. It sounds like high-profile dumpster diving without the dumpster; and we mean that in the nicest way possible. There's more information on the Facebook page here. [7x7]

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