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Commonwealth: Liquid Nitrogen For the Bleeding Heart

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[Photo: Jennifer Yin]
Have a look inside Commonwealth, the charitable restaurant from former Bar Tartine chef Jason Fox and Mission Street Food co-founder Anthony Myint, debuting tomorrow at the dinner hour. A lot has changed since we last spoke; and during last night's preview, the tidy, clean-lined interior -- all light wood, white-washed walls and Edison bulbs -- was brought to life by a full house of hungry friends and family and the whir of an open kitchen. Many chatted about the narwhal cocktail: a ripe melon slush suffused with sake and wine, truffle-gilded gnocchi and a deconstructed s-more of cinnamon mille fieulle and housemade marshmallow.

Others devoted some thought to the disco ball peeking down at the room from a new skylight above and Lung Shan's decor contribution of animated Communist propaganda on the bathroom walls. So there's a lot to mull over here, in the gallery above and, of course, in the Eater archives. We'll also point you to Lady T-Hop who has some complimentary facts.

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2882 Telegraph Avenue, , CA 94609 (510) 663-3001 Visit Website


2224 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

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