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Daddy O's; Long Bar; Una Pizza; Charles Chocolates; MORE

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SOMA - Daddy O's, the homestyle Southern soul food cafe taking over the old Schnitzelhaus space, won't be here quite as soon as the sign outside would lead one to believe. The owner -- who would not reveal her name to our private investigator -- said she hopes to open next month but can't say for sure. She referenced "problems with the building that they didn't see coming" and they haven't passed inspections yet. At least we have this spanking new sign to tide us over. [EaterWire]

SOMA EXTRA - Painters were seen exiting Una Pizza Napoletana at the noon hour yesterday as they are preparing for a possible September 8th opening. They were painting the floors, therefore Mr. Mangieri was nowhere to be seen. Sly as a fox, that one. [EaterWire]

FILLMORE - Bar star Reza Esmaili has been working late nights at Long Bar & Bistro in order to refine and improve upon the concept. More details shall unfold shortly, but we can bank on something of interest in the chef department. [EaterWire]

WESTFIELD - The behemoth version of Charles Chocolates we've mentioned won't fully arrive on the fourth floor of the Westfield Centre until November(ish), but starting tomorrow the "bar" is open at the Charles Chocolates candy shop on the third floor with a huge curved stainless steel case holding court up front. Customers can purchase by-the-piece or create customized boxes. Personnel have noted "razzies" with pate de fruit and fruit ganache in a chocolate cone will also debut tomorrow. The future display kitchen and retail store will be in the vacant jewelry store and Cocola Bakery space upstairs, so the current candy store is just temporary. [EaterWire]

TRUCK WIRE - Not so much plywood as vacant parking spot: Kasa Indian Eatery is working on a possibly purple kati-roll truck, according to SFoodie. They're looking into late night and lunch spots in both San Francisco and the East Bay and they haven't yet dived into the glorious world of SF mobile vending permits. So there's no telling how long this could take. [SFoodie]

D-PATT WIRE - An interview with Scott Beattie reaps some rewards on the Plywood front with regards to Daniel Patterson's Oakland projects. The bar program at Plum will be based on the newly released Left Coast Libations book and will feature a different bartender each week. On the flip side, Bracina will be more Cyrus-like in that drinks will be hyper-seasonal. Take note D-Patt is currently building a farm that will supply all his restaurants. [SFoodie]

HAYES VALLEY - From Grubby's comprehensive blow-by-blow of upcoming openings, we learn of a new project from the Suppenkuche boys. Their outdoor Biergarten will open in the temporary Proxy project on Octavia just in time for Oktoberfest. Craig Stoll will be opening a Pizzeria Delfina there as well. [GrubStreet]

WALNUT CREEK - Per Signore Lucchesi, the cult-followed Home of Chicken and Waffles will be opening a second location in the former Johnny Rockets on Mount Diablo, of all places. The HCW has Los Angeles' Roscoe’s somewhere in its lineage, so there could be a little NorCal empire on the way. Anyway, the second outpost should be coming in early November. [ISSF]

Daddy O's Cafe

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