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Pican's Chef Dupuis Off To NOLA In The Name Of the Gulf

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This Saturday night, Picán executive chef Dean Dupuis will be arriving in NOLA for a little promo work on behalf of the Gulf seafood industry. He'll join John Besh, John Folse, Rick Tramonto, Chester Gerl (Matt's in the Market, Seattle) and fish thrower-cum-restaurateur Dan Bugge (owner, Matt's in the Market) for a dine around at Ralph's on the Park, August and Zea. The next morning the crew will head out on Lake Pontchartrain to visit a reopened area of the Gulf followed by a briefing with FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg at a TBD location. The Cooking Channel will be filming the whole shebang for a future broadcast of My Life in Food. So this makes Mr. Dupuis the latest Bay Area chef to join the ranks of The Food Network. Way to represent, Dean. [UPDATE: White House chef Cristeta Comerford just announced she'll join the party in NOLA this weekend.] [EaterWire]

[Photo: SFoodie]


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