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Bar Bambino Gets Into Show Business

With a new Central European bent to its menu and plans for an all day cafe at the Oberlin Dance Collective (ODC) theater opening at the end of the month, Christopher Losa's Bar Bambino concept is constantly evolving. As of today, the new ODC cafe has been christened Pronto. Get an idea of what she'll look like in the left-hand corner of this ODC rendering here.

The cafe will include 40 seats, split up amongst an abundant heated outdoor seating area on Shotwell and 17th streets and a communal dining table and other seating inside. Diners will choose between more leisurely table service or quick-service. Bar Bambino's Alyce Shields, who was recently promoted to pastry chef, will oversee the morning menu of pastries, desserts for later in the day and housemade concession-style goodies for the ODC kiosk that may open as soon as the end of this month. Executive chef Lizzie Binder will manage a scaled-up version of Bar Bambino's existing lunch menu: panini, soups and salads tailored for quick business lunches and pre-theater meals. Of course, Losa will be offering charcuterie and cheeses "with proper storage on site" as well. Design-wise, they're working with Aidlin-Darling to remain instep with the ODC exterior while moving away from the Bar Bambino aesthetic. Pronto is targeting an opening in late winter of 2011. Hours will be continual from about 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily. In related news, Losa remains committed to the Jack London Square Mia Filino delicatessan project; he's just waiting for a breakthrough on the real estate side of things.

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Pronto by Bar Bambino

351 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA