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Here's The Menu For Tonight's Hapa Ramen Pop-Up Dinner

Hapa Ramen will host the first of three pop-up dinners at Bar Tartine tonight. Remember you can still make reservations by calling 415-374-6377. Owner Kitty Gallisa tells us there are a few left on the late side tonight and still more available for the 27th; or you can test your luck and just show up. This just in: Batter Bakery will be providing cupcakes for dessert.

Big Daddy Ramen $13
slow-cooked pork, fried chicken, seasonal vegetables, slow-cooked egg

Slow Cooked Pork Ramen $10
*add egg $1.50

Fried Chicken Ramen $10
*add egg $1.50

Miso Market Ramen $9
*add egg $1.5

Early girl tomatoes, avocado, soybeans and yuzu $7

Pressed watermelon, pickles, soy and chile $7

Fried pork belly, apples and mustard $9

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[Photo: Flickr/Jennifer Yin]

Hapa Ramen @ Bar Tartine

561 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA