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Italians Taking Over Berkeley: PiQ & Addie's Pizza Pie

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Now open in Berkeley is new Italian spot PiQ, a casual take-out or sit-in eatery at 91 Shattuck Square. According to Signore Lucchesi, it's owned by a man named Rufo Verga, who played soccer for Italy in the '92 Olympics. He's offering wi-fi and free iPad use, an outdoor patio, and this menu, with pizza by-the-slice, calzones, paninis and salads. Apparently tap beer is coming soon. [Thrillist, ISSF]

After throwing its grand opening party on Saturday, Addie's Pizza Pie will finally open tomorrow at 5 p.m. at the exact same time as Una Pizza Napoletana in SoMa, if all goes as planned. We showed you the menu for this one a bit ago and now you can add their frozen custard to your list of things to try in the Bay Area. We haven't yet seen this popular Midwestern and East Coast treat in these parts. Naturally, we're looking out for your early reports. [Twitter]

PiQ in Berkeley. [Photo: Chron/Bob Archibald]


91 Shattuck Square, Berkeley, CA