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Citizen Cake, Ichi Sushi, Fish Story, Mixt Greens and MORE!

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PACIFIC HEIGHTS - Although construction is 90% finished at the new 2125 Fillmore Street incarnation of Citizen Cake, Elizabeth Falkner is still in a bit of a holding pattern with her contractor. Falkner tells us she's almost ready to announce the new chef de cuisine here and that the menu and pastry offerings will be different from what we got used to over in Hayes Valley. [EaterWire]

BERNAL HEIGHTS - Per Thrillist, Ichi Sushi will be opening at 3369 Mission Street on Friday. Tablehopper has a bit more on the menu and the ownership here. [Thrillist, Tablehopper]

WINE COUNTRY - Lark Creek Restaurant Group's Fish Story is gunning to open on Monday. Pending city approval, they'll start off serving dinners and will graduate to lunch about a week later. [NVR]

OAKLAND - Gary Rizzo's plan to take over the Kwik Way in Oakland is moving forward. According to Inside Scoop, he will install a -- you guessed it! -- a retro burger stand. There shall be outdoor seating here and no drive-in service, which is going to make all the NIMBYs happy. [ISSF]

MARINA - Right next to Dominique Crenn's new spot, the Wine Jar owner will be opening a small plates restaurant with about 40 seats. They have to go through the Change of Use permitting process, which is never easy; so we'll keep you posted on progress. [ISSF]

RUSSIAN HILL - The Grub is saying that Latin Grill Express will replace the Samba Room at 993 North Point. Please do send us pictures of the signage as we'd truly love to see what's erected, if anything. [GrubStreet]

DOGPATCH - It sounds as if Piccino's move into its new 70-seat space at Minnesota and 22nd Streets will be happening in November at the earliest. There will be a brief shutter during the process, but it will be well worth it as the new digs will include more seating, an outdoor patio and a separate coffee bar serving Blue Bottle. Owners Margherita Stewart-Sagan and Sher Rogat also expect to expand breakfast and entree options. [Tablehopper, Examiner]

FIDI - Inside Scoop breaks news about the fourth location of popular worker bee lunch spot, Mixt Greens, to open in the One Market building. Expect all the same healthy, sustainably minded salads and sandwiches you eat at the other locations. [ISSF]

THE MISSION - The Summit has been delayed until the week of the 27th and possibly into October. Oy. The latest blog post reports of a busy soft-opening run over the weekend, the addition of house-brewed kombucha and it also has some interior shots. [EaterWire, The Summit]

Citizen Cake window. [Photo: Life in Pictures]

Citizen Cake

2125 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA