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Pot de Pho Is Laid To Rest

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THE RICHMOND - From the great mind that brought you Ana Mandara, Pot de Pho entered the Richmond pho-scape late in 2007 with an ambitious limited menu aiming to fill the niche just above your usual 'loin dive. Well after some suspicious grand opening shenanigans in 2008, the prettily exteriored shop languished for years on the corner of Geary and Parker before finally closing for good on September 9th of this year. We're currently waiting for the official statement on circumstances, but you should head elsewhere for your pho fix for now. [EaterWire]

Pot de Pho Opens [~ ESF ~]
Pot de Pho Scrambles [~ ESF ~]

Pot de Pho

3300 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA