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The Kauff Digs The Patty Melt At Hog & Rocks; Bauer's Evvia "Feeding Frenzy"; Reidinger Really Does Review Curry Boyzz

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The Big Kauff takes a stab at Hog & Rocks this week; and by "stab" we mean, he seems to like the place, despite its apparent issues:

"The execution of the food is still a bit klutzy, and Hog and Rocks has serious acoustic problems, but the formula is sound...At its best, [Scott] Youkilis' food is bold and solid and populist, without resorting to dude-food stunts (bacon-wrapped bacon!) or other bar-food clichés."
Perhaps he's coming down from the spherification and sous-vide of Sons & Daughters, but he'll be back for the $10 patty melt at Hog & Rocks, nonetheless. [SF Weekly]

And for today's Datebook review, ??????? Bauer revisits Evvia, Kokkari's Palo Alto sister, still one of the most popular Silicon Valley restaurants after 15 years in business. But some things aren't up to snuff this time around. To begin with, "only a few dishes stood out," which really doesn't cut it for a three star restaurant. And service is so quick that "it feels more like a feeding frenzy than a dining experience." The Greek beauty hangs on to 2.5 stars out of its former three.

Undeterred by the double "zz," Reidinger files a review of Curry Boyzz in the Castro this week. Did you get that? Reidinger files a review of Curry Boyzz in the Castro. He appears miffed to find himself in "downmarket-land," ordering from a counter, carrying a number to his table and then rooting around for utensils and napkins out of bins; maybe he expected the boyzz to be serving him at table. Shockingly, "the menu includes many Indian staples, ably prepared, along with some unexpected items." The food is mostly good, but there are bugs (bugzz?). [SFBG]

THE ELSEWHERE: Metro SV tries clean, elegant Bistro Elan in Palo Alto; the Marin IJ determines Sausalito's La Hacienda isn't just a pseudo taqueria; EBX explores The Up and Under's rugby roots; Bargain Bite gets affordable Turkish and Greek eats at Eden's Restaurant in the Tenderloin; Jon Bonné does Bar Bites at Schmidt's on Folsom and lastly Carol Ness procalims El Cerrito's Happy Golden Bowl is "just OK" in the second Datebook review today.

[Photo: Naseema Khan]

Hog & Rocks

3431 19th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 550-8627 Visit Website

Hog & Rocks

3413 19th Street, San Francisco, CA