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Week in Reviews

ProspectReview.jpgOver the weekend, Bauer Town got around to his review of Prospect: the roughly 12-week-old spawn of Boulevard's notable team; Nancy Oakes, Pam Mazzola, Kathy King and chef Ravi Kapur. "It's not Boulevard," but "Even after only a month, it was as if the restaurant had been open a year." Bauer chats through a lot of the menu and doesn't have one bad thing to say. "Yet it's as if Boulevard has sired a beautiful young colt. If this were a horse race, Prospect just might win the Triple Crown. As it stands they'll have to settle for triple stars." Well it's three-and-half stars, to be exact. Congrats are in order. [Chron]

Prospect Restaurant

300 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 415 247 7770 Visit Website

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