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A16 Shall Be Closed A Bit Longer Than Expected

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A16 was scheduled to rejoin the land of the living today, but news comes over the EaterWire that they'll spend a bit longer than expected in purgatory. The new reopening date is next Tuesday, the 28th. To make things extra special, Francesco Domani -- of the famous Antinori family and the Tomaresca winery in Puglia -- will be in the house that night pouring his wines. Chef Liza Shaw will also add some things to the menu for the occasion: roasted sunchokes, preserved meyer lemon and sea urchin bruschetta; pizza with ricotta, roasted anchocress and bottarga; quattro formaggi ravioli with a black olive, tomato and eggplant sauce and roasted duck polpettine with braised treviso and mosto. A rep at A16 relays they decided to stay closed a bit longer for additional fun things like sprucing up the wine cage and adding more electrical circuits. The original construction also took a bit longer than anticipated, but rest assured everyone will be rearing to go on the 28th. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Phipps Studio Blog]


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2355 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA