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Trader Vics Brings The Mai Tai Home Again

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The "tiki room" as opposed to the other presumably, non-tiki rooms (?)
The "tiki room" as opposed to the other presumably, non-tiki rooms (?)

Later this afternoon, the mai tai, allegedly born in Oakland in 1944, returns home with the reopening of "the original" Trader Vic's in Emeryville. After the joint shuttered for a much-needed makeover on April 30th, white tablecloths were the first thing to go, then the original-style "monkey pod" tables were brought in and the bowels of the restaurant were totally revamped. Now the interior still delivers the expected Polynesian kitch, but you can add "open," "airy" and "clean" to its descriptors.

What else? New chef Paul Fabre has Bay Area-ified the menu a bit more with all-natural meats and such. You'll get the gist on this copy of the new lounge menu, cocktail menu and this list of additions to the dinner menu. Vic reopens to the public tonight at 5 p.m. then moves to regular hours as outlined here on Facebook. Further reading can be found here and here.

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