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Bauer Gets A Prize; Restaurant Streakers; Fake Cannibals

AWARDS SEASON - Biggity Bauer walked away with the #1 prize for "Best Newspaper Restaurant Criticism" at last night's Association of Food Journalists awards competition. He even beat Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post. Chronicle writers Janny Hu and Georgeanne Brennan also received honors, so we should all feel a little boost of city pride going into the weekend. [ISSF]

AL FRESCO - Outstanding in the Field, those dinners that are hosted on beautiful farms across the land, has added to new events to its California tour. Closest to home is a meal at Fogline Farm in Santa Cruz. Word to the wise, these sell quickly despite the steep price tag. Get on it. [SFoodie]

IN THE FLESH In this 7x7 interview with Lara and Gar Truppelli of The Beach Chalet empire, the pair admit they've gotten used to the Bay Area's proclivity for streaking. At a recent Taco Tuesday at the Lake Chalet in Oakland, someone stripped down and jumped over the railing into Lake Merritt on a $300 bet. "We’ve also had a few streakers run through the Beach and Park Chalet on Bay to Breakers." Don't get any ideas. [7x7]

FAKE CANNIBAL WIRE - Once upon a time there was a cannibal restaurant in Berlin that placed an ad in the paper requesting human body parts. Soon after, the German vegetarian activist group behind the hoax admitted it was a stunt to make people feel bad about eating animal meat. And then the whole world got upset about it, especially the town of Guajara-Mirim, Brazil that randomly got swept into the whole thing. So as you'll see over at Eater National, this is not the end. [EN]

IKE! A grassroots Facebook campaign has been launched in an attempt to coerce Ike Shehadeh of that little hole-in-the-wall sandwich place you may have heard of, to move Ike's Place to the Lower Haight. According to Haighteration, there are many reasons this makes sense. [Haighteration]

Outstanding in the Field. [Photo: Thriving Too]

Ike's Place

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