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Prospect Will Reopen Sept. 11th With Something Celebratory

Inside Prosect.
Inside Prosect.
Photo: Naseema Khan

Prospect restaurant just officially confirmed they will reopen for dinner on Saturday, September 11th, as suspected, after they were forced to close due to a flood earlier this week. Specifically it was a three-inch layer of water that doused the restaurant on Sunday, due to "a rarely seen rupture of a brand-new pipe in the air conditioning system." Now we'll leave it to the press release to relay the rest of the story:

"The leak happened at 1:30 in the afternoon, so service was not disrupted. A manager heard the sound of rushing water and discovered the leak above the coffee station as gallons of water spilled from the ceiling. The kitchen staff, who were in preparation for that night’s dinner service immediately sprung to action, bailing and mopping as quickly as possible."

Now the team has to go through the laborious and costly process of replacing the reclaimed white oak flooring. Staff are reportedly taking advantage of the break to restock inventory and work on the new brunch menu, which will launch on Sunday, October 3rd, by the way. They are thinking about some sort of "celebratory element" to go along with the reopening on September 11th, so we'll let you know more about that soon. [EaterWire]

Prospect Restaurant

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300 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA