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Blue Bottle Brews Up Dolores Park Kiosk

A two-year lease for a new Blue Bottle Coffee kiosk was unanimously approved by the Recreation and Park Commission last night. So this should balance out the police departments crack-down "bullhorns and bright lights" quite nicely. Now everyone just has to agree on an acceptable location for the vendor. Business owners who already operate in the park expressed concerns that the proposed location of the southwest quadrant “smack-dab in the middle” of the park is not ideal because it directly competes with them. Blue Bottle owner James Freeman appeared more than happy to respect their wishes and revisit the issue. After settling this at a future meeting, the Mission Dolores Park Blue Bottle will be open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily selling $2-$3 cups of coffee and those cookies and pastries everyone seems to like so much.

Dolores Park Community Meeting Recap [Mission Mission]

Blue Bottle kiosk at the Ferry Building. [Photo: bridgeandtunnelclub]

Blue Bottle Coffee Kiosk

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA