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Bauer Beams For Gitane; Kauff Calls Micropatisserie Regime

Beaucoup Bauer takes a trip back to one of his favorite "nooks and crannies" to visit Gitane and see what chef Lisa Eyherabide's replacement has done. Much to his delight, "the Iberian-inspired menu has become even more exciting under Bridget Batson, the longtime chef of Hawthorne Lane and its successor, Two. Batson is a talented - and adaptable - chef. Drawing from Spain, Portugal, Southern France and Morocco, she has created a menu that's fresh, vibrant and exciting." Applause all around means three stars for food, service and atmosphere. [Chron]

The Hot Kauff gets creative in this week's review/roundup and comes up with a new word to chew on: micropatisserie. These, he says, have begun popping up at a rapid pace this year -- as opposed to larger-scale Delessio- and Tartine-like operations. An easier lifestyle, lower costs and the ability to leverage into wholesale and catering with ease are among the reasons. The new club includes Batter Bakery, Goody Goodie, Sandbox Bakery, Baker & Banker bakery and Knead Patisserie -- "the best" in Kauff's opinion. And:

"If there's one pastry chef who embodies this entire movement, it's Cheryl Burr, owner of Pinkie's Bakery...Her strengths, in addition to her rustic levain, are her caramelized onion and gruyere brioche and her all-American sweets: cinnamon rolls, miniature pound cakes."
[SF Weekly]

The Elsewhere: The Metro SV gets a taste of Croatia at Lavanda in Palo Alto; Marin IJ likes Mill Valley's La Ginestra after all these years; The CoCo Times is delighted by Jack's in Pleasant Hill; Bar Bites confirms the burger is still not-to-be-missed at Marlowe; Bargain Bite likes Bangkok Restaurant in its out-of-the-way shopping center; and the second Datebook review gives a two star rating to Kokko yakitori in San Mateo.

Gitane bar. [Photo: JetSet Report]


6 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108 415 788 6686


6 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA