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Iron Chef America: Cat Cora vs. Christopher Kostow

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Photo: Food Network

This past Sunday saw the epic face-off between Restaurant at Meadowood Chef Christopher Kostow and Cat Cora on Iron Chef America. The tricky secret ingredient was the "humble, rustic" oat, and Kostow squeezed out a victory by one point despite admitting to Food Gal earlier that he doesn't like eating oats at all. Still both chefs gave a masterful showing with creations like oatmeal custard with frisee salad (Kostow) and oatmeal papardelle with veal ragout (Cora), but perhaps the most entertaining parts of the show were Kostow's quips in response to the judges' feedback. At one point judge Liliana Cavendish says his oatmeal pudding reminds her of Northern Italian polenta, which looks "like food for horses, but it's soo good." To which Kostow responds, "It's like food for horses but good. Gotcha."

Video: Christopher Kostow's Dishes

Video: Cat Cora's Dishes

Video: The Decision

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