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Week in Reviews

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MorimotoInside.jpgBauer-San arrives at Masaharu Morimoto's Morimoto Napa for this Sunday's review, albeit "with a bit of trepidation and skepticism." But he ends up liking the "modern and vibrant" dining room, the $100 sushi sampler, most things on the $110 omokase menu and other dishes, like the yose dofu ($16). There's a frozen iceberg wedge ($18) fail, but the end result is as follows: "Like the restaurant itself, Morimoto takes diners on a roller coaster of serious and sometimes whimsical dishes. Despite some that left me wondering what the chef might have been thinking, I always left satisfied." And the Iron Chef's "wild culinary mind" gets the three star stamp of approval across the board. [Chron]