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Yat's At The Boardroom; Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival; MORE

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NORTH BEACH - Yon Davis of Yat's will be at The Boardroom tonight to kick off the Saints season and the new pop-up they'll be hosting on Saturdays and Sundays. As far as tonight goes, you can expect a house-full of Yat's groupies, free gumbo and a fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Then this weekend, Yon will start easing the Boardroom's kitchen into the Yat's menu with po' boys, gumbo and jambalaya. Bread is indeed from New Orleans; and po' girls are coming soon. [EaterWire]

GHIRARDELLI SQUARE - Chocolate makers, chocolate chefs, chocoholics and other chocolate-minded folk will partake in countless demos, freebies, contests and delicacies this Saturday and Sunday at the 15th Annual Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival. Do you know what happens when 40,000 people consume superfluous amounts of chocolate en masse? Find out for yourself by purchasing your chocolate tasting tickets on this here Web site. [EaterWire]

T-KELL - Thomas Keller and BMW are now officially in cahoots, offering a BMW ActiveHybrid 7-powered concierge service to the French Laundry and adding a German-inspired dish to the menu: Four Story Hill Farm apple-fed pork loin with bratwurst, braised red cabbage, apple dumplings and grain mustard sauce; which tastes even better if you drove to TFL in a hybrid. [ISSF, GrubStreet]

The Boardroom

1609 Powell St, San Francisco, CA