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Launches and Releases

RanchoGordoSign.jpgArranging the marriage of heirloom corn and commercial tortilla-making for the first time here in San Francisco -- and possibly anywhere -- is Steve Sando of Napa's heirloom grain-fixated, Rancho Gordo. Sando is sourcing corn from a small indigenous Mexican farm and partnering with La Palma Foods in the Mission for the production side of things. The heirloom corn tortillas will debut this Saturday at the Rancho Gordo stall at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. "The coolest thing is that by creating a market, it discourages farmers from growing GMO corn. They can make more money by growing the heirlooms!" said Sando. These puppies are priced at $3 for 12 to 14 tortillas. [EaterWire]