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Sundance Coffee To Close In Dogpatch Too

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Even though Sundance Coffee owner Michael Ware just told SFoodie his Dogpatch cafe was in no danger of closing -- despite the closure of his Mission branch -- a tipster sends in this freshly scripted sign today from the door of said Dogpatch cafe: "We are sorry. We are closed. Change of ownership. Re-opening soon." The phone line is already disconnected. We spoke with the broker for the space, who tells us some very "interesting, well-established, dynamic restaurateurs" were trying to buy, but they didn't have the money in the bank, as it were. The broker closed the deal on Tuesday with someone else who plans to completely renovate the ground floor. He'd have to be crazy not to do something food and beverage related, so we'll keep you posted when we learn more. In the meantime, do send a tip if you see or hear anything of interest happening over there. [EaterWire]

Sundance Coffee

2295 3rd St., San Francisco, CA