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Leopold's Ready To Go With Stag Figurines, Fancy Emblem

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Leopold's, soon to open on Polk Street. [Photo: Eva Frye]

Klaus and Albert Rainer of Cafe Metropol predict their new Austrian-Italian restaurant Leopold's will be open on Polk Street before January ends. But an inside source tells Eater that a soft launch may occur as soon as next week. The exterior, as you see, has been painted in bright (cheerful?) yellow and we hear the interior is a lighter eggshell. Eater operatives spotted the Leopold's emblem (viewable in the gallery above), making up a red trim at the top of the interior walls.

As far as the rest of the insides go, new dark wooden booths line both sides of the restaurant, four- and two-tops fill out the middle and a new bar coated in corks of various sizes sits in the back right. The decor is littered with electric chandeliers and white ceramic stags -- as in male deer -- figurines, which evokes an Austrian hunting lodge indeed, but could also perfectly describe the next Kink set. Polk Street denizens please feel free to add additional observed facts in the comments or send 'em on in to Eater HQ.

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2400 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 415 474 2000