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Terra Reveals Terra Bar & New Fixed Price Dining Format

Chef Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani of St. Helena's Michelin-starred Terra are about to unveil phase one of the twofold restaurant revamp they've been working on during their January break. When the historic dining room reopens tomorrow, it will boast a new, floor-to-ceiling wall of wine as the focal point, but even bigger changes will appear on the plate. The regular menu will be replaced by prix fixe options: 4 courses for $66, 5 courses for $81, or 6 for $92. Also, playing into Sone's Japanese roots is an omakase comprising seven or more courses. Or diners can go to the other end of the spectrum with a daily 3 course set menu for $57. So, lots of options.

Then on Friday the 21st, more excitement as Sone and Doumani open their no-reservations, adjacent Terra Bar. We're getting used to casual, more-accessible offshoots these days and Terra's will be right in step with the trend. The brand new bar will be connected to the formal dining area by a curtained entrance. Diners will be encouraged to begin or end their meal next door at the bar or simply stay all night for a more relaxed dining experience. The menu will be more affordable here, featuring "a broad range of dishes and prices --some Terra favorites, [and] some new creations." Taking advantage of a new liquor license, the cocktail menu will feature seasonally inspired drinks like the Hirotini -- yes this man's got a sense of humor -- sourced from the owners' orchard and restaurant garden. Cheers to Signore Lucchesi for first tipping us off to all this yesterday morning.

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Terra Restaurant/Terra Bar

1345 Railroad Way, St. Helena, CA