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Wood Tavern Folks To Open Southie Sandwich Shop

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A tipster has clued us into Southie, a new venture from Rich and Rebekah Wood entering the smaller space adjacent to their existing Rockridge standby Wood Tavern. The name alludes to South Boston, but it sounds as if chef Max DiMare will create a menu that's not so much deli fare and lobster rolls as East Coast-style sandwiches made with California ingredients.

According to our tipster, offerings include typical comfort fare like pulled pork and grilled cheese, there are appetizers like California cheeses and pate and there's a Niman Ranch pork stew with winter squash soup and ginger on the teaser menu posted in the window. Now, as per the manager on duty at Wood Tavern today, Southie is gearing up for an opening next Friday. We also got a bit more on the interior from him: it's themed with dark tones like those in Wood Tavern, features an open kitchen, and there's limited seating -- just a 4-seat window counter and an 8-seat bar -- as the whole operation will serve predominantly as a take-out lunch joint. That doesn't totally jive with the cheese and pate, but we're still waiting to hear full concept details from ownership. As always, we'll gladly accept additional tips right here. [EaterWire]

Rich and Rebekah Wood at Wood Tavern. [Photo:]


6211 College Ave., Oakland, CA